At State College Framing Company, we’re excited to offer an all-new, exciting photo-to-art service. We are able to style our customers’ moments, from photo to art on acrylic, metal, and fine art paintings.

This service is provided by Larson-Juhl Gallery Moments, of which we are now a retailer. 

Here are some of the offerings:

Painted Moments

Transform your favorite photos into original works of art on canvas. Our academy-trained artists re-create the photo by digitally painting it resulting in a one-of-a-kind original painting. Then, once printed, the artists further embellish each canvas with textural brushstrokes to bring your Painted Moments to life! Order your canvas as an unframed gallery wrap, or select a custom frame in a style that beautifully complements your artwork.

Brilliant Moments

Style your photographs on acrylic to create a sophisticated, brilliant statement on your walls. This look affords maximum depth and richness of color in an ultra-brilliant format. Art on acrylic may be ordered framed or unframed. For a modern infinity look, select unframed or add metal standoffs to elevate your photography.

Modern Moments

Prints on aluminum are stunning, modern, durable, and lightweight. This process procedures rich colors and creates spectacular results. For a modern infinity look, order art on aluminum unframed or featured within floater frames. Or if ordering your art framed, select a design that complements your art and your personal decor style.


Create your work of art here.